Niche Seismic

Niche Seismic

Active exploration in pioneering locations worldwide

The need to discover new and unexploited hydrocarbon reserves is resulting in frontier exploration in the world’s more remote and challenging regions. WGP has led to market in this type of niche seismic exploration for the last ten years. Such frontier operations have seen WGP acquire seismic data offshore Ecuador, and for two summer seasons (2011/2012) operating a PMSS™ in the high Arctic.


The challenging activity comprised of an extensive OBN (Ocean Bottom Node) survey program offshore Ecuador in transition zone and shallow waters. In keeping with WGP’s root philosophy of operating in frontier locations, this project demonstrated our interest and capability of undertaking new challenges.

Russian Arctic:

WGP worked for two summer seasons (2011/2012) on a survey program for the Russian State to delineate the country’s continental shelf, including acquisition of data within 300 km of the North Pole.