Life of Field Seismic (4D)

Life of Field Seismic (4D)

With operational performance since 2003, WGP understands the drivers that energy companies face to improve recovery from new and existing assets.

Additionally known as Time Lapse Seismic, 4D Seismic and Permanent Reservoir Monitoring, WGP offers a full acquisition service, including seabed seismic, for LoFS projects to maximise oil recovery through reservoir management practices.

WGP currently operate two Portable Modular Source Systems, PMSS™, which can be quickly mobilised onto the back deck of a vessel of opportunity, such as a Platform Supply Vessel dedicated to the oilfield. WGP can also offer a bespoke design, build and operational services for a single or dual PMSS™.

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Benefits of LoFS

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Identification of by-passed oil
  • Reduction of field traffic
  • Reduction of infill drilling risks
  • Seismic on demand

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