Hi-Res 3D Seismic

Intelligent and versatile

A high resolution 3D service using the P-Cable 3D Seismic system is now available to both the industry and research institutions.

The benefit of P-Cable’s new technology includes the ability to produce low cost high-resolutions 3D seismic data with rapid deployment and retrieval from small vessels, as well as high production rates and the ability to acquire data in shallow waters.

WGP believes that their capabilities provide an attractive offering for oil and gas exploration and production companies operating on the continental shelf throughout the North Sea and further afield.

Comparison of P-Cable Hi-Res 3D and conventional industry 3D data, highlighting intra reservoir features. Data by Statoil
  • State of the art P-Cable 3D Seismic System manufactured by Geometrics Inc.
  • The smallest diameter solid streamer available, the GeoEel Solid™
  • Onboard QC processing and brute stack data
  • Meets industry standard for Hi-Res data acquisition