Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental

Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental

We are committed to achieving the highest standards within our industry to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses. We believe that it is paramount to create a safe workplace for all of our employees and contract personnel. “

Safety of employees, contractors, the public, the environment, communities and material assets is our priority. That is why we have a firm goal ‘zero accidents and zero harm to people’. We are committed to achieving the highest standards within our industry. Our Core Values reflect the group’s philosophy Exploration and Beyond…

Our commitment and policy reflects the integrated way we work across WGP in the areas of health, safety, quality and the environment. All WGP companies, contractors and joint ventures under our operational control must manage HSE in line with the commitment and policy.

In this way we aim to have a HSE performance we can be proud of, to earn the confidence of customers, shareholders and society, to contribute to sustainable development.

WGP maintain the following working standards:

  • We monitor and implement measures to maintain a high information HSE standard
  • We perform a HSE analyses when we start new operations, projects or joint ventures
  • All employees and contract personnel must have relevant basic training in safety measures
  • We investigate all HSE related incidents
  • We cooperate with official authorities to improve the HSE of our employees and assets

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