PMSS™ Portable Modular Source System™ 2 Overview

Photograph of the Portable Modular Source System with 3 seismic source airguns firing over the Valhall oilfield

Life of Field Seismic Source operations utilising the Portable Modular Source System over the Valhall oilfield

Success Comes From Being Adaptable

The PMSS™ consists of a suite of standard ISO containers that have been fitted with equipment and service modules that, together, form a fully portable seismic source system.

The system can, typically, be deployed in a 23 x 11 meter footprint and can be fitted to any vessel with enough deck area. The configuration of the standard ISO containers is flexible and can be altered to suite specific vessel deck arrangements and vessel dimensions.

The PMSS™ aims to be as self sufficient as possible but will require some support and services from the host vessel. These typically include access to fuel, electrical power, sea water cooling and potentially hydraulic power supply. The system requires a minimal crew of between 5 and 7 persons.

The three gun string source is deployed over the stern of the vessel and towed approximately 50 meters astern. This arrangement allows for rapid deployment and recovery coupled with very short turning times. This ensures efficient survey operations.

The source system is compact, very safe to recover/deploy and thus is able to acquire data at relatively high speed. The safe handling and inherent robust design allows operations to continue in weather conditions that would stop most other survey operations.

General Operational Parameters

Array Volume:  2000 cu in
Pressure:  2000 psi
No of Guns:  20
Gun Depth:  5 m
No of Strings:  3
Shot Intervals:  50 m
Shooting Speed:  6.0 knots
Gun Array Handling Frame
2,000in3 (3 string) Bolt APG Array, Baro flotation
system, integrated rGPS pods
Umbilical Winch Unit
3 winches each holding Air Gun Umbilicals
and air distribution panels
Pressure Control Unit
400 litre capacity, 2 Fischer valves
LMF Compressor
1100cfm compressor
Containerised Workshop
Operational workshop for the maintenance of
the source system
Containerised Stores
Storage for equipment to maintain the source
system and switch panels


WGP PRM PMSS™ Valhall for BP




Photograph showing the operational source phase post OBC operations over the AGC oilfield with an oil platform in the background

Shooting phase post OBC operations