Dual Portable Modular Source System

D-PMSS™ Overview

Aerial photograph of the M/V Siem Sailor with the Dual Portable Modular Source System on board the back deck for Statoil's PRM project operating on the Snorre oil field

The D-PMSS™ onboard the MV Sidis Sailor

Success Comes From Being Adaptable

The benefit of the Portable Modular Source System, (D-PMSS™) is its portability and adaptability. The system is designed to be both land and sea transportable for mobilisation worldwide, and comprises modular units based on ISO sized containers. It can be quickly installed temporarily on a vessel of opportunity, such as a Platform Supply Vessel, rendering it suitable for use as a multiple application Source Vessel. In instances such as reservoir monitoring, this vessel can be provided by the oil company client by utilising an asset already assigned to the operating field with an experienced crew.

WGP’s containerised seismic source solutions have evolved in parallel with the developing Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM), also known as Life of Field Seismic (LoFS), market.



2 x 40 ft Gun Frame
20 x 40 ft Umbilical Winch Container
2 x 10 ft Joining Section
20 ft PPE Locker Container
40 ft Workshop
40 ft Electrical Distribution and Stores Container
20 ft Office Container
2 x 10 ft Navigation Stores Container
2 x 10 ft Gun Stores Container


Timelapse of mobilisation phase



2 x LMF 61 40 ft Compressors
High Pressure Compound Compressor Unit LMF 62/138-207-D
Piston Compressor Type: VCS 3421 W14/20
Screw Compressor Type: SIGMA 5G
Diesel-Type Caterpillar 3512 C

Auxiliary Equipment

Gun Frame cross platform + 2 sets of stairs
 Purpose built fuel tank
 Purpose built condensate tank
 Seabed Seismic
2 x Stern round down
HP Air deck connections
Dual Portable Modular Source System for Statoil's PRM projects at Snorre and Grane

Dual Portable Modular Source System for Statoil’s PRM projects at Snorre and Grane