Permanent Solutions

WGP is a marine geophysical services company that offers bespoke project management and geophysical services throughout the global upstream oil and gas industry.

WGP’s operational expertise spans across the Exploration sector, discovering new hydrocarbon reserves, and Beyond… into production, presenting contemporary services to increase the value and output of active reservoirs.

By specialising in seismic projects driven by modern technology and supporting new methods, WGP has kept at the forefront of the industry. Its focus is to provide bespoke operational solutions for projects that will become increasingly important as exploration continues to move into ever more challenging frontiers.

WGP has not only achieved an exceptional track record in its business activities, but also strengthened a much sought after resource of technical knowledge, and an in-depth comprehension and adherence to the requirements of the industry. This has resulted in a proven track record for taking our clients’ ideas and turning them into safe and achievable operations.

The WGP Group was originally established in 1994 and, as of 2019, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Magseis Fairfield ASA.

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